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LG-K550 Cell Phone

LG-K550 IMG_5340

LG-K550 Cell Phone

Item Descriptions: Cellular PhoneLG-K550 IMG_5339 LG-K550 IMG_5340

Model: LG-K550?? S/N: 611CYCU433499?? IMEI: 358269-07-433499-5?? Color: Black case

Lost and Found Articles

Any person finding mislaid articles at the Airport shall turn over to an Airport Security Officer or to the office of the General Manager.? Articles unclaimed by the owner within (90) days after their receipt will be considered as lost articles to be disposed of in a manner to be determined by the Authority.? Nothing in this section will be construed to deny the right of scheduled air carriers to maintain lost and found services for their passengers.

To claim your lost item(s), you are required to provide a Valid ID Card and a prove of ownership of the Item(s).



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