Pohnpei Port Authority


Seaport Division

The Seaport Division’s objectives are to plan, manage, improve and maintain seaport facilities and premises to meet the needs and requirements of shipping companies, commercial vessels, fishing vessels and other types of marine transportation. The Division is responsible for monitoring compliance by port users of the seaport rules and regulations.

Seaport Division Activities for 2012

  • Continued the periodic maintenance of all navaids in the Sokehs Channel.
  • Participated in the formulation of the FSM Maritime Security Committee, which initiated and implemented the Seaport Security Program in all of the FSM states.
  • Trainings:
  • Sea Port personnel completed the Maritime Internal Auditor course in Pohnpei.
  • 12 completed the Port Facility Security Officer Training (PFSO) in Pohnpei.
  • 1 completed a Hydrographic Survey Training in Suva, Fiji.
  • Completion of the Annual Seaport Emergency Exercise contacted by SPC.
  • Initiated patrolling out to the anchorage area to check possible littering from the vessels.
  • Purchased of eight (8) VHF Motorola portable radios
  • Repaired broken portion of the perimeter fencing at the Fisheries Dock.
  • Launched the Aton Boat in the water after extensive repair of the engines and the controls allowing requests such as pilot and clearing party transport plus navaid repairs around the island could be accommodated.
  • Crowd controlling during operation of Caroline Voyager started after the implementation of the security program.
  • Assisted the FSM Maritime Officers in keeping certain Long-line fishing boats at the dock by denying them port clearances until they comply with 18 requirements; having transponders on their vessels and clarifying vessel names and numbers of the vessels.
  • Assisted the F & C personnel with installation of the new prototype of beacon light for the navaids in the Sokehs Channel.
  • Manned all three gates (PPA main gate, FSCO gate & CFC gate) to the Seaport restricted areas.
  • Reactivated the diving exercise.
  • Continuous effort of securing a renewed dredging permit from EPA.
  • Amend of Seaport Rules and Regulations pertaining to seaport tariff.
  • Repair and maintenance of reef markers around Pohnpei and installation of reef markers and navaids light outer islands.
  • Replacement and installation dock fenders

Seaport Division Activities for 2012

  • ISP Security Training,
  • Drills and 9 crowd control on inbound and outbound passenger vessels, Micronesian Navigator, Caroline Voyagerand Lady Minto
  • Secured 24/7 MMA, EMU and MMA Seaside


  • Install boardon reef marker #10 and repair lower range light.
  • Transport reef marker 1 to kepdau en mwand.
  • Secured 2 buoys at anchorage area.
  • Transport reef markers from White Sand to pohn raked and mangrove.
  • Repair day board from ni kepdau lel lidakihka.
  • Transport reef marker to dewen Palikir.Transport reef marker en nan Sokehs MPA, Project.
  • Install search light on Sea Angel
  • Transport and secure markers on Sapwitik and Mwand, MPA Project

Port Control

Activities accomplished by your subdivision of Port Control from January to September 2021 are
listed below:

  • Total pilot moves – 334 moves
  • Total pilot boat services- 1,392 moves
  • Total line boat services- 159